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Making it Easier to Eat Organic with Great Frozen Choices

FEATURED ITEM: Making it Easier to Eat Organic with Great Frozen Choices

If you want to eat organic but sometimes can’t find the time to saute, roast or grill, look no further than the frozen section at Roche Bros. We have added hundreds of new frozen selections that are organic, natural and quick to heat up when you want to eat healthfully during a busy day.

For breakfast, the options abound from Earth’s Best Organic Mini French Toast Sticks and Waffles to Good Food Made Simple’s Breakfast Burritos.

Frozen organic fruit from Earthbound Organic Farm is ideal for adding to smoothies as is, or thaw it and add to recipes.

Make lunch at the office easier by bringing in a frozen Amy’s Bowl Meal, or an Amy’s Pizza. Or take a couple pieces of Alvarado St. Bakery Organic Sprouted Bread out of the freezer so they are ready in the morning to make a sandwich.

At dinner time, heat up Amy’s Pot Pie or toss some Rising Moon Organic Vegetarian Ravioli in a pot of boiling water and pair with your favorite sauce.

Stop by the freezer section to check out all the latest choices for any time of day!