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Mama Rosie’s Pasta

FEATURED GROCERY: Mama Rosie’s Pasta

Mama Rosie came to this country from Italy in 1908. Her delicious home-style pasta recipes have been passed down through the generations, and are available in the freezer section at Roche Bros.

Mama Rosie’s, based in Charlestown, Mass., makes its pasta on machines that simulate “Authentic Hand Rolled” pasta. This authentic method is achieved when the pasta dough is mixed, kneaded and stretched through rollers to develop the unique texture of Hand Rolled pasta.

Mama Rosie’s pastas contain only the highest quality, all natural ingredients, with that wholesome homemade taste. They are also a great source of calcium, fiber, folic acid, iron and protein.

It’s like a restaurant meal at your house when you take Mama Rosie’s Potato Gnocchi, the traditional “potato dumpling” filled with delicious Idaho Russet potato flakes, and serve it with vodka sauce with a hint of cream, garnished with fresh basil.

For the side dish or the center of the plate, Mama Rosie’s Cavatelle combines tender dough with Ricotta cheese. And don’t forget the many uses for Mama Rosie’s Tortellini, which pairs nicely with any sauce as a side dish or main course. Or add it to your soups and salads.