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Meat Fit for Dad on Fathers’ Day


Dad on Father’s Day

Treat dad to a celebration fit for a king this Father’s Day with Roche Bros.’ finest, specialty cuts of meat, from Certified Angus Beef® to Berkshire Black Pork.

If your dad loves steak on the grill, find extra-thick cuts of Certified Angus Beef®, great for searing to seal in the juices and keeping pink in the middle. This beef boasts rich flavor, tenderness and juiciness in every bite.

Select from these thick cuts: Kansas City Sirloin Strip Steak, Cowboy Rib Steak or Big Daddy Porterhouse Steak. Or make it an even thicker piece of meat with our Thick Cut Tenderloin Steak.

Impress your dad with our Tomahawk Rib Steak, an extra-thick specialty cut with a dramatic, extra-long rib bone. The bone is trimmed of meat and fat, leaving a beautiful presentation and a special dinner for your dad.

Change it up with Berkshire Black Pork, a rare heritage breed of tender, juicy pork, known for its naturally bold flavor and marbling. Choose from the Berkshire Black Porterhouse Chop or the Berkshire Rib Chop.

Complete dad’s plate with homemade mashed or Hasselback potatoes and fresh roasted asparagus. And toast to your father with our Guide to Wine Pairings for the Grill.

Happy Fathers’ Day!