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Mi Nina Tortilla Chips

FEATURED GLUTEN FREE: Mi Nina Tortilla Chips

After years of enjoying fresh corn tortillas shipped by his mother-in-law from his wife’s hometown in Mexico, Chef Jamie Mammano, owner of such fine Boston dining establishments as Mistral, Ostra and others, decided it was time to share real corn tortillas with the rest of New England.

In 2011, Mammano opened Tortilleria Mi Nina, the first tortilla bakery in New England that produces tortillas from an authentic old world recipe.

At Tortilleria Mi Nina, they use the same techniques from the Aztec period. They cook whole grain corn with water and lime, and use hand-carved volcanic stones to grind the corn mixture – a process known as “Nixtamalization.”

Mi Nina sources Non-GMO White Corn from Rovey Seeds in Illinois, a family owned business that has been operating for more than 30 years.

The handcrafted crispy chips Mi Nina makes daily are preservative free, naturally gluten free and kosher, with no artificial flavors or colors. They’re ready to dip in fresh salsa, guacamole and any other dip you can think of!