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Nashoba Brook Bakery

FEATURED VENDOR: Nashoba Brook Bakery

Passion and artistry are at the heart of Nashoba Brook Bakery and the breads they make. Baked in a massive 32,000-pound oven in an old warehouse in Concord, Mass., on the banks of the Nashoba Brook, these slow-rise breads owe much of their glossy texture to the mellow leavening action of a sourdough starter made from local, wild Concord grapes.

That starter was created by Stuart Witt, who co-founded the company with John Gates and serves as the company’s Head Baker. The friendship of Witt and Gates – and their shared passion and entrepreneurial energy – is how Nashoba Brook Bakery was born.

Their hand-formed breads take almost 24 hours from mixing to cooling. It is that long slow development that results in delicious, nutritious and easy to digest breads. The long leavening period enhances the flavor, releases the nutritional value locked in the wheat flour and breaks down the carbohydrate into its more easily digested components.

The natural yeast itself also has important health benefits for your digestive tract. The good bacteria survive in the center of the loaves where the internal temperature does not get hot.

Find all 10 varieties in the grocery aisle: Sourdough, French, Whole Wheat, 7 Grain, Harvest, Deli Rye, Olive, Rosemary, Pepper Jack and Raisin.