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New Priced Less Offerings!

FEATURED ITEM: New Priced Less Offerings!

A new round of Priced Less deals at Roche Bros. is on from now through April 20, with big savings on more than 200 items throughout the store. From a host of ways to make meals easy — including canned vegetables and chicken stock — to 44 flavors of Friendly’s Ice Cream, find great prices on what you need for any time of day.


Meals made easy

With so many items on sale, you can plan entire meals for any day of the week! Get dinner on the table in a flash, with a wide selection of canned vegetables on sale. Stir Libby’s Sweet Canned Peas into pasta with grilled chicken or a salad with mesclun greens and bacon.  Serve your choice of Idahoan potatoes on the side.

Benefit from the sale on Crystal Farms Cheese by planning to make this recipe for Cheesy Hash Browns.  Simply Potatoes® Hash Browns baked with cream of chicken soup, sour cream and Crystal Farms® cheese is a popular potluck casserole. Try our Farmhouse Frittata with cheddar cheese, sausage, bacon and eggs. Or make this potato salad recipe from our friends at Crystal Farms® and Simply Potatoes®. It’s got all the fixin’s: Cheddar, bacon, red onions, sour cream and chives!

Incorporate the many flavors of Polaner All-Fruit into your recipes, too, such as apricot-glazed vegetables or Blackberry Crepes, filled with yogurt or sour cream. And stock up for days when we might not come in person right away.

Even easier

After a busy day, keep dinner simple and healthy with great savings on frozen, organic meals in a bowl from Amy’s Kitchen.

If you’re craving Italian, choose from Amy’s Garden Veggie Lasagna, Pesto Tortellini, Cheese Ravioli, Gluten Free & Dairy Free Ziti Bowl and many others. Take a quick trip to Thailand without leaving your kitchen with Amy’s Pad Thai or Thai Red Curry. Or venture off to India, with Amy’s Indian Paneer Tikka, with hand-roasted spices, organic tomatoes and coconut milk over creamy cubes of paneer, and a side of aloo palak, made from organic spinach and tender potatoes, and organic basmati rice with cumin and carrots.

And when you’re on the run between meetings or heading to a workout after a long day, grab a Zone Perfect bar, available in several flavors.


Wake up to local New England Coffee, in flavors from French Roast to Hazelnut Crème, hot or iced, along with refreshing Nantucket Nectars juices.

Stir Nantucket 100% Orange Juice with Schweppes Lemon Lime Seltzer, also Priced Less, for a tangy spritzer and serve with a twist of lemon or lime. Blend Pomegranate Cherry with ice, frozen cherries and Schweppes Original Seltzer and sprinkle in some pomegranate seeds. Or try Schweppes Raspberry Lime, Black Cherry and other flavors, simply on the rocks.


Desserts and treats  

With 44 choices of Friendly’s Ice Cream on sale, you’ll find everyone’s favorite flavor, plus new ones to try. Start with tried-and-true chocolate, vanilla and strawberry for an ice cream sundae bar any night of the week. Use both chocolate marshmallow and coffee ice creamavialable s to make a Rocky Road Sundae with toasted hazelnuts, chocolate chunks and a swirl of chocolate and marshmallow sauces on top. Or go tropical with coconut ice cream with layers of fresh pineapple, toasted cashews and shredded coconut on top.