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Newman’s Own

Featured Brand: Newman’s Own

Getting ready to send the kids back to summer camp? It’s that time of the year again. Newman’s Own, Inc., a brand Roche Bros. is proud to carry, has been helping kids with serious and in some cases life-threating diseases attend summer camps all over the country. Started in 1982 by noted actor and philanthropist Paul Newman as a scrappy start-up, in the more than 30 years since its founding, Newman’s Own, Inc., has donated more than $400 million to charity. In fact, all profits – yearly – go to charity.

Paul Newman also founded The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp in 1988 with the belief that all children, regardless of illness or limitation, deserve a fun, active, and engaging summer camp. The program, based in Connecticut, is offered nine times throughout the summer to 120 campers each session. Camp activities include horseback riding, talent shows, and lively meals with cheers and competitions. Campers have the chance to process and talk about their days before lights out during Cabin Chat. The organization sees the time the campers spend on campus as healing and transformational. Campers can connect and maintain relationships afterwards by keeping in touch on a campers-only website.

The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp is also able to run other programs to expand its healing and transformative outreach. The Hospital Outreach program, which expanded to service 20 hospitals in 2011, brings arts and crafts and interactive games to kids and families spending time in hospitals for treatment. The Family Weekends Program is offered to both kids and immediate family and provides all of the fun, healing, and respite of the summer program in two and a half days. Family Weekends are broken down into different disease groups so that campers may meet other kids and families dealing with similar struggles.

The majority of The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp’s funding, 48% or nearly $6 million dollars in 2013, comes from private and individual contributors like you!