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Nielsen-Massey Vanilla Extract

FEATURED ITEM: Nielsen-Massey

Vanilla Extract

Homemade baked desserts at the holidays are the sweet details your family will remember. And the best cookies, cakes and pies are made with the highest quality ingredients.

Truly fine vanilla extract is rich, warm, sometimes spicy or flowery, and always memorable. It’s an ingredient that tastes best when its natural flavor comes through. At Nielsen-Massey Vanillas, they’ve been crafting vanilla products for over a century. That’s why in producing their vanilla extracts, they use a proprietary cold extraction process instead of heat extraction.

This process gently extracts the vanilla’s essential oils, preserving the more than 300 distinctive flavor compounds present in the beans. By protecting the vanilla from heat, this process ensures that even its subtlest flavors end up in the final product. Cold extraction is a more delicate, longer process that takes weeks instead of days, an investment of time that’s worthwhile to produce the finest flavor.

Nielsen-Massey only uses premium vanilla beans from the finest growing regions: Madagascar, Mexico and Tahiti. To showcase the unique flavor profiles of vanillas grown in different regions, they offer origin-specific vanilla extracts from each of those places.

For best results when using these extracts, add them at the end of the cooking process or cream them with butter for baking.

Try adding a teaspoon to tomato sauce or chili to cut the acidity of the tomatoes, or add some to your oatmeal at breakfast.

Taste the difference between vanillas from different regions by using them to flavor different batches of whipped cream. Enjoy!