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Nut-Free School Safe Snacks


School Safe Snacks

If your child is allergic to nuts, you know how critical it is to have snacks he or she can eat during lunchtime at school without any worry. And even if your child doesn’t have a nut allergy, you probably know many children – including your kids’ friends – who do.

School Safe Snacks from Treasure Mills are a great solution! These treats are produced in a nut- and peanut-free baking facility. School Safe Snacks are fun, tasty, kid-friendly and individually wrapped, making them easy to toss in the lunch box or to grab on the way to after-school activities. They are nutritionally balanced and kids and grown-ups alike rave about them, even if they don’t have allergies!

Select from hand-made Banana-Chocolate Chip Mini Loafs, great for snack or a breakfast treat, and Raspberry Banana Snack Cakes, available in the bakery department at select Roche Bros. locations.