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Organic Offerings

Featured Produce: Organic Offerings

At Roche Bros., we’ve staked our name on providing your family with The Best.  It’s right in our logo!  In the produce department, The Best means the highest quality, freshest fruits and vegetables, a wide selection with lots of choices – including organics and local offerings – and knowledgeable associates to help you find just what you are looking for.

From Full Circle Organic and Olivia’s to Earthbound Farms and Happy Valley, if your family chooses organic produce, Roche Bros. always has dozens of offerings for you to choose from.  Why do some families choose organic produce from Roche Bros.?  The definition of “organic,” according to the Organic Foods Production Act (OFPA), is that fruits and vegetables that are labeled and sold as organic are grown without using most pesticides or fertilizers with synthetic ingredients; there is no irradiation treatment; seeds and transplants are chemical-free; the fertilizer is natural.  Choosing organics can help lower your exposure to these compounds and help protect farm workers and ecosystems.

If you are looking for organic offerings, keep an eye out for our organic logo in specially marked sections in the Produce department, or search “organic” in the produce department of our online shopping app.



Vendor Story: Happy Valley Organics

Happy Valley Organics grows fresh produce, greens, and squashes on 150 acres of organically certified land in the Connecticut River Valley, just west of Roche Bros.  Many of the Happy Valley potted herbs you see in our stores get their start at Happy Valley’s 90,000 square foot greenhouse complex.  The greenhouses employ state of the art features including rolling flood tables, water filtration and reuse, high efficiency lighting, computerized climate control, shading and venting. Heating is supplied by a series of wood pellet boilers designed to efficiently deliver heat via an underbench system directly to the planting area.

Solar panels mounted last year on three barns at the Happy Valley farms provides a large portion of the power necessary to operate the energy efficient heating, lighting and watering systems in their greenhouses.

Happy Valley’s recently completed a 20,000 square foot greenhouse addition which increases production area and is dedicated to efficient plant propagation. It employs state-of-the-art energy saving LED lighting, overhead watering, a rolling table rail system to move plants through the growing areas and a conveyor system connecting it to the other greenhouses.

All of these efficiency and environmentally-friendly innovations add up to herbs and greens produced sustainably and priced affordably so your family can enjoy delicious, healthy, and guilt-free food all year long.