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Our Annual New England Oyster Fest

FEATURED ITEM: Our Annual New England Oyster Fest

Summer is in full swing and so is Roche Bros.’ Annual New England Oyster Fest!

A real delicacy and often considered an aphrodisiac, this shellfish is a special element of any meal, no matter how you serve them. Oysters also provide a host of minerals, including zinc, iron, calcium and selenium.

The purest way to eat them is raw, with no dressing except lemon juice, shallot vinegar or cocktail sauce. Fine dining establishments often serve them with a mignonette sauce, combining fresh chopped shallots, peppercorns, dry white wine and either sherry vinegar or lemon juice. Oysters are also delicious fried and served on top of a thick, grilled steak.

Raw oysters are known to have complicated flavors that vary depending on the region. The types available will vary throughout the summer. Look for some of these types oysters in Roche Bros. seafood department:

Beaver Tails, Narragansett Bay, R.I.: Strongly briny with hints of sweetness, and shaped like a beaver’s tail

Cockenoe Oysters, Connecticut: Full-bodied, with a coppery flavor and a moderately salty taste

Foley Blue Points, Long Island, N.Y.: Can vary in taste, but typically exhibit a firm texture, with a sweet and slightly salty aftertaste

Malpeque Oyster, PEI: A little bitter with a flavor that compares to lettuce, a clean aftertaste and a juicy texture

Wellfleet Oysters, Cape Cod: Moderately salty, clean and crisp

Onset Oysters, Buzzards Bay: Briny and hearty with a mineral finish

Naked Cowboy Oysters, Fire Island, New York: Mineral and briny, with rich, firm meat

Katama Bay Oysters, Martha’s Vineyard: Briny at first, with a smooth creaminess and sweet finish

Powder Point Oysters, Duxbury: Salty and sweet, with a clean finish