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Our Homemade Potato Salad


Potato Salad

Bud Roche made his first batch of homemade potato salad in 1978. And today, we still make Our Own Homemade Potato Salad using his original recipe.

This special family recipe was born when Bud – and his employees – didn’t like the potato salad made by any suppliers. So with one single pot and a gas stove in the cellar of the Roslindale store, Bud started cooking up batches of potato salad in Roche Bros.’ Kitchen.

In no time, they were getting requests for 40 or 50 pounds of potato salad for an event, and it was just too time-consuming to peel all of those potatoes. Bud was on the verge of bringing this promising potato salad business to a screeching halt when Eddie Kilduff, Roche Bros.’ local produce supplier, told him a little secret: You can buy potatoes already peeled!

Lo and behold, Bud ordered 90 pounds of potatoes and made them all into potato salad. Within an hour and a half, a worker stationed in the deli handing out samples gave away all of it.

In Our Kitchen, we still make that very same recipe and sell it in the deli, with just the right amount of potatoes and a creamy texture our customers love. We love bringing tasty food from our family to your table. Pick some up for your next barbecue!