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Oyster Tips from our Seafood Specialist

We asked John M., seafood specialist in our West Roxbury store to give us some tips and tricks on enjoying local oysters for New Year’s and beyond.  Read on for his best oyster tips and a link to his own Ranch Oyster Casino recipe:

“While there are many types of oysters, my favorite varieties are local.  New England is packed with flavorful options.  I’m a Cape Cod guy, so I gravitate towards oysters from Wellfleet or Marion Point in Onset Harbor. Did you know that warm water oysters taste saltier than those grown in cold water?  For less salty tasting options, look for oysters from the Northeast Atlantic.

Choose large oysters with a deep cup, especially if you’ll be using them on the half shell in a recipe.  Make sure the shell is closed.  You can even tap a pair of oysters together to check that they’re alive – you shouldn’t hear any hollow sounds.

Preparing oysters starts with a good rinse, a quality oyster knife and solid shucking technique – critical for safety!  Come on in to the West Roxbury store and I’d be happy to give you a demonstration (and share a taste), or there are some good examples on YouTube, like this one from America’s Test Kitchen.

I love oysters any way I can get them.  Raw on the half shell with a touch of Roche Bros. cocktail sauce and a squeeze of lemon juice is one of my favorites.  If you’re looking to get a little fancier though, try my own recipe for Ranch Oyster Casino!”  -John M., Seafood Specialist, West Roxbury Roche Bros.