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Pairing Cheese with Honey


with Honey

We’re kicking off our annual, month-long New England Cheese Festival in October, alongside the Jewish new year. For a sweet year and a flavorful celebration of local cheeses, check out our creative ideas for pairing cheese and honey this Rosh Hashanah and all season long:


Make a cheese board with local cheeses and honey

Go local with your cheese board by emphasizing cheeses made in New England, such as Seal Cove Farm’s Olga Mixed-Milk Cheese from Maine, made from a blend of raw cow’s milk and the farm’s own goat’s milk. Add Moses Sleeper Weybridge, a delicate, bloomy rind cheese inspired by French brie, and a creamy cheddar, such as Adirondack from the Cabot Founders Collection, both made in Vermont. Offer sliced apples and pears along with your crackers, and to sweeten the new year, include some special additions, such as pomegranate arils, dried fruit, quince paste, and fig spread. Drizzle honey on top for the final touch.

Serve crostini with cheese and honey

Sample some new cheese and honey combinations for a crostini platter to serve as an appetizer. A salty, pungent blue cheese, such as Great Hill Creamery’s Blue, pairs well with subtle and delicately flavored Billy Bee Pure Canadian Clover Honey. And bring the sweet and creamy partnership of berries and cream to your crostini by pairing Crystal’s Maine Wild Blueberry Honey with a Brie-like cheese.

Mix up spreads that pair honey with creamy cheeses

Make your own cheese spreads with creamy cheeses swirled with honey! Blend goat cheese, honey and spiced pecans and serve with sliced pears. Try Aunt Sue’s Raw Honey in this spread. Or start with the hand-dipped ricotta from Narragansett Creamery and blend in honey, pumpkin spice and slivered almonds, for a crunchy, creamy dip for apple slices.

Pairing cheese and honey with apples in interesting recipes

Change up your quesadillas and tartlets with honey and local cheeses! For a sweet twist on quesadillas, pair Granny Smith apples with a soft ripening cheese such as Dorset from Consider Bardwell Farm in Vermont and drizzle honey on top. Assemble mini fruit and cheese tartlets with apples and goat cheese. Add onion and thyme for a savory preparation. Or pair up mascarpone and pears with honey, plus a shake of cinnamon and nutmeg, for something sweeter.

Add cheese to your dessert for a sweet end to your celebration

Cheese can be a great addition to your dessert recipes! Keep it sweet and simple with a bowl of sliced apples and pears with mascarpone and a drizzle of honey. Highlight creamy ricotta in a homemade ricotta pie, with honey and fruit on the side. Or try our recipe for Baked Stuffed Apples with Honey-Infused Mascarpone.