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Pairings with Rosé

FEATURED WINE: Pairings with Rosé

Rosé is a type of wine that falls somewhere in the middle of red and white. The depth of its pink hue depends on the type of grapes used to make it and the exact technique.

To make rosé, red-skinned grapes are crushed lightly and left in contact with their juices for a period of one to three days. When happy with the color of the wine, the winemaker removes the skins. The longer the skin is left in contact with the choices, the deeper the color of the wine.

Often rosé is said to have notes of berries and citrus fruit. Here are our top suggestions for pairing rose with food to enhance your enjoyment of both:


Light dry rosés go great with light, fresh salads, rice dishes, seafood and fish. Drink it with goat cheese on crostini, too.

Medium-bodied dry rosés match with the intense tastes of olives, garlic and anchovies. Try this type at your next barbecue with grilled chicken, fish or lamb cooked with fresh herbs!

Fruity rosés are ripe for pairing with seafood such as lobster or salmon or meat such as duck or lamb. The fruity essence also complements brie for your next wine and cheese party. If you’re serving a more full-bodied rosé, drink it at a barbecue or with a spicy curry.

A light, sparkling rosé is enjoyable at a cocktail party. A sweeter one is great with a dessert display or cookies, cakes and tarts!


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