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Peas & Salmon: A New England Tradition

FEATURED ITEM: Peas & Salmon: A New England Tradition


For centuries in New England, peas and salmon have been served together for the Fourth of July because the salmon would run at about the same time as fresh peas were sprouting.

As the legend goes, on the first July 4th in 1776, Abigail Adams served John Adams poached Atlantic salmon in egg sauce, fresh garden peas and new potatoes. While there is doubt as to whether this is true – at least in part because Abigail and John were reportedly in different cities that Fourth of July – this traditional food pairing is tempting, as it matches rich salmon with sweet green peas.

Celebrate Independence Day in 2016 with modern twists on this New England tradition. Start with Your Guide to Salmon Varieties to select which type of salmon is right for you.

Try it the traditional way, with salmon poached in water over peas. Or keep it simple with seasoned salmon on the grill over steamed or sautéed peas.

Toss the peas with a mixture of fresh herbs and mushrooms, and serve over fettuccine, along with the salmon. Or serve it with a sweet pea mash, with butter, lemon and fresh tarragon.

Enjoy celebrating this New England tradition your way!