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Proven Winners Plants


Winners Plants

Looking for plants you can trust to create a beautiful, easy-to-maintain garden?

All you have to do is look for the Proven Winners name to know you’re getting the most distinctive plants on the market. That’s because Proven Winners partners with the top plant breeders around the world to ensure that its varieties are vigorous, healthy, vibrant and unique.

These plants are easy to grow and care for, covered with blooms, bright and colorful, disease-free, and bloom all-season long. Not only are they for garden beds and landscaping yards but also they are the secret ingredient found in captivating containers filled with lush color and fascinating texture.

Proven Winners annuals, perennials and shrubs are selected from the best in the world.  These superior plants are trialed and tested in Michigan, New Hampshire, California, Florida, Germany and Japan.

The plants that make the final cut are chosen for their all-season color and bountiful blooms, resistance to disease and insects, and tolerance for heat and humidity.  This rigorous selection process takes two to three years, ensuring that Proven Winners plants perform better while using fewer chemicals. Reduced chemical usage benefits both your gardening budget and the environment.

Find Proven Winners in the Roche Bros. flower department today!