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Rainbow Trout

FEATURED ITEM: Rainbow Trout

Rainbow trout is most closely related to salmon. It is usually raised in an environmentally friendly way in freshwater on land-based farms. Like the rainbow trout we offer at Roche Bros., three-quarters of rainbow trout is farm-raised in Idaho. Most trout is raised in artificial streams called raceways.

The tender flesh of this fish is white, pink or orange and will turn paler when cooked. The flavor of rainbow trout is a bit more delicate than salmon and it is smaller so it will cook more quickly, but it can be replaced for salmon in any recipe.

It’s easy to make rainbow trout taste delicious as a meal. Keep it simple and fry it lightly in butter. Coat it in flour or oats for added flavor and to seal in the fish’s flavor.

Rainbow trout also pairs well with your favorite fresh herbs. Stuff it with dill and thyme, add a squeeze of lemon, salt and pepper, and bake it in the oven.