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Ribs for Your Summer Barbecue


FEATURED MEAT: Ribs for Your

Summer Barbecue

It’s time for ribs on the grill, and Roche Bros. is ready with all the fresh, grill-ready and fully cooked ribs you want to make your BBQ tangy, spicy and satisfying.

Here’s our primer on some of the popular types of ribs available:

Spareribs: Cut from the underbelly of the pig, spareribs are the fattiest of the pork ribs. And you can get them made from pork or beef. Compared to other ribs, they have the least amount of meat, but they’re the most flavorful due to the fat content. You can also get them without the bones. Make them Asian-style with a marinade from our grocery department!

St Louis Spareribs: These popular spareribs are trimmed further, and the breastbone, cartilage and tips are removed. This process creates a rectangular rack of ribs. These ribs get the name St. Louis from a type of barbecue that originated in St. Louis, Missouri, characterized by a lot of sweet, slightly acidic, tomato-based barbecue sauce.

In Our Kitchen, get fully cooked St. Louis BBQ Ribs, ready to heat and serve for an immediate BBQ fix.

Babyback Ribs: These meaty ribs are known for being short, easy to grasp – and ready for you to sink your teeth into! They are made of loin meat, which is less fatty. Smoke them, grill them or bake them! Use them in our recipe for Root Beer Ribs!

Countrystyle Spareribs: Compared to other types of ribs, Countrystyle ribs have the most meat and the least fat.  They can easily be confused with pork chops because they are cut in slabs and you need to eat them with a knife and fork! Make them dry with a mix of herbs and spices or slather on your favorite barbecue sauce.