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Roche Bros. Beef- USDA Choice


Your family deserves the best! That’s why Roche Bros. makes sure our meat is “choice,” standing out among our competitors.

Beef quality is a product of a number of factors, including firmness, texture, color of lean and the amount of marbling. These attributes lend to tenderness, juiciness and the flavor of excellent quality of beef.

Quality grading is based on the degree of marbling, among other factors. As the marbling increases, so too does the grade. The less marbling beef has, the lower the quality, often leading to a disappointing dining experience.

Roche Bros. sells USDA Choice and Prime Beef, to ensure that we bring you the highest quality beef and that you get the most from your beef-purchasing dollar. If you want the best for your money, look for the best quality in beef, USDA Choice or Prime Beef. We guarantee it with a double your money back promise.