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RP’s Gluten-Free Pasta

FEATURED ITEM: RP’s Gluten-Free Pasta

The founder of RP’s Pasta, Peter Robertson, developed an award-winning fresh gluten-free pasta that’s great for people with celiac disease, a gluten-sensitivity or anyone who chooses to eat gluten-free.

For all of their pastas, RP’s uses artisan pasta making techniques that include making pasta in small batches on Italian machines, using a hand rolled process, and extruding pasta though brass dies. These methods produce pasta with a true “al dente” texture.

With brown rice flour as the primary ingredient, RP’s certified fresh gluten-free pasta has the same al dente texture as their traditional pasta. Nobody can believe it’s gluten-free! And RP’s ingredients are also sourced locally whenever possible, with the Gluten Free Pasta made with the best quality California rice.

Try the Gluten-Free Linguine with a traditional clam sauce, and pair the Gluten-Free Fettuccine with your favorite Alfredo. The Gluten-Free Spinach Linguine is excellent with roasted vegetables, shrimp and a spicy Arrabbiata sauce.

While you’re in the cheese department, also try Roche Bros. Own Gourmet Pasta Sauces, for a complete and satisfying Italian meal.