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Snacks for Eating Healthy in the New Year

FEATURED PRODUCE: Snacks for Eating Healthy in the New Year

Eat better in the new year with a trip through the produce section and our fun snack ideas:


Celery with toppings: Spread your favorite nut butter onto celery sticks. Top with raisins for ants on a log. Or fill with a creamy cheese and top with sliced olives.


Apple-cheddar sandwiches: Make mini sandwiches using apples sliced in circles as the “bread” and a slice of cheddar in between.


Frozen dark-chocolate banana bites: For a snack that’s always ready, slice a banana and dip in melted dark chocolate chips. Freeze on parchment.


Tangy avocado mash with chips: Mash avocado with a squeeze of lime and a shake of salt for a simple guacamole. Sprinkle with pomegranate seeds for tang, crush and a burst of color! Serve with veggies or corn chips.


Fruit skewers: Fruit is more fun on skewers! Include a different selection of fruit each time you make them. Try green grapes, banana slices and strawberries or red grapes, cubes of melon and blackberries. Dip in dark chocolate or yogurt for a healthy treat.


Colorful veggie boats: Cut a red pepper into boat-shaped slices. Fill with hummus and sprinkle with shredded carrots.


Homemade chips: Everyone loves crunchy chips! On the weekend, bake them yourself and have them ready for snacks during the week. Make your chips differently each time with kale, thinly sliced sweet potatoes, zucchini, apples and more. Slice thin, coat with oil and bake. Sprinkle with salt or other herbs and spices.


Frozen grapes: Freeze some green grapes, and you have a fun, icy snack ready at any time of day. Use them as “ice” in water. Or dip them in yogurt for breakfast or snack time.