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St. Patrick’s Day Round-Up

FEATURED ITEM: St. Patrick’s Day Round-Up

From a traditional corned beef and cabbage dinner to a Luck of the Irish bouquet of flowers, Roche Bros. and Sudbury Farms are stocked with festive ways to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.

Get ready  with these great ways to celebrate:

Select from many options for corned beef to make yourself

Flat cut, point cut, grey, red. Corned beef is more complicated than it seems, and in the Roche Bros. meat department, we know the differences and offer all the options. New England Style Corned Beef is grey in color, made from a cut of meat known as brisket, and there are two parts, flat cut and point cut. If you’re looking for a traditional St. Patrick’s Day corned beef – such as in our recipe for Corned Beef and Cabbage – choose the flat cut, which is lean and uniform in size. The point cut is more tender but results in much less meat, with a 50/50 ratio of meat to fat. Point cut corned beef is great for smoking or shredding for sandwiches.

If you’re craving the sort of red-hued corned beef sandwich you’d find in a New York-style deli, you’ll need New York Style-Red Corned Beef Brisket from the deli instead!

Visit Our Kitchen for traditional St. Patrick’s Day meals, ready to heat and serve

Spend almost no time in the kitchen with a New England Corned Beef and Cabbage Dinner, straight from Our Kitchen. Known for short as “boiled dinner,” this one-pot, home-cooked meal, made in Roche Bros. kitchen, is just how you remember it, with traditional salt-cured beef, boiled it with fresh cabbage, potatoes, turnips and onions.

Or enjoy a Homemade Shepherd’s Pie and our Spring Pea & Mint Soup, with a touch of green and the taste of the changing seasons.

Try some modern twists on St. Patrick’s Day meals

At breakfast or any time of day, try this recipe for corned beef hash and eggs in hash brown cups.

Or for a different take, serve corned beef in a wrap sweetened with a touch of BBQ sauce in our recipe for BBQ Corned Beef Wraps.

Enjoy Irish bread … three ways

The heritage of the Roche family and so many of our associates traces back to Ireland. Celebrate Irish heritage with Ellen Roche’s authentic Irish Bread, a special recipe that’s been passed down for generations, straight from County Cork, Ireland.

Skip the mixing by bringing home a loaf, made from scratch in our bakery. Or take home a loaf of traditional Irish Soda Bread with raisins and caraway seeds.

Top your bread with Irish butters and cheeses

The Irish Dairy Board was established in 1961 to band together a handful of small dairy farms throughout Ireland and harness their collective expertise. That fateful year resulted in the creation of the Kerrygold brand, a premium line of all-natural, grass-fed cheeses and butters crafted all across Ireland but sold under one brand name.

These hormone-free cheeses and butters are now available in over 80 countries. The company still relies on independent dairy farmers to supply the finest all-natural milk in the world. Visit the cheese department and choose from Dubliner, Swiss, Skellig, Cheddar and more.

Celebrate with Irish beer

In our beer section, find with a selection of Irish beers such as Harp, Guinness, Smithwick’s, and Killian’s Irish Red. For something a bit closer to home, pick up some Sam Adams or other favorites at Roche Bros. stores in Downtown Crossing, Sudbury, West Roxbury, Westwood, Marshfield and Wellesley.

Serve dessert with an Irish spin

For a rich and chocolatey finish to your feast, bake a triple triple-spiked batch of brownies, with Guinness draught stout, Irish cream liqueur, and Irish whisky all come together in this triple-spiked batch of rich, chocolate brownies.

Or stop by our bakery for sweets in green, from shamrock sugar cookies and leprechaun cakes, to cupcakes with green sugar sprinkles and pistachio muffins.


Happy St. Patrick’s Day from all of us at Roche Bros. and Sudbury Farms!