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Sweet P’s Bake Shop

FEATURED BAKERY: Sweet P’s Bake Shop

Feast your eyes and sink your teeth into the delicious creations from Sweet P’s Bake Shop, available in Roche Bros.’ bakery.

From tasty everyday treats to homemade baked goods to gourmet items for the most discerning party-giver, Sweet P’s has just the right bakery item for each occasion you might encounter.

If you’re getting ready for a playdate without a moment to bake, take home Sweet P’s frosted sugar cookies and frosted mini cupcakes.

For your neighbor’s next party, bring over some decadent chocolate-dipped macaroons or gourmet cupcakes.

For brunch, arrange a platter of blueberry scones, made with wild blueberries, and vanilla bean scones, made with real vanilla beans. Serve them right next to the cheese danish coffee cake. This tender danish pastry with cream cheese filling and a crumbly streusel topping, drizzled with sweet icing, will wow all of your guests.

Sweet P’s Bake Shop has something special for every occasion!