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Tips For A Great Beach Picnic

FEATURED ITEM: Tips for a Great Beach Picnic

Enjoy the ocean breeze and hot weather with a fun day at the beach.

It’s easy to stay all day with a cooler all packed up with lunch, snacks and drinks.

Here are our tips for a great beach picnic:

Take along cheese & crackers. French brie or camembert are especially delicious in the sun when they start to get melty. But it’s best to leave hard cheese, such as cheddar, at home, because it’s likely to get a bit oily. Pair your cheese with Partners All-American Crackers, Back to Nature Crispy Wheat Crackers and many others.

Assemble chips and veggies to dip. Baby carrots and other pre-cut veggies in the produce department make it easy. Dip your chips and veggies in hummus, guacamole and salsa.

Blend up fruit or veggies into cold soup and bring it with you in a thermos in your cooler. For a sweet, fruity option, blend 4 cups of watermelon chunks with 2 tablespoons each of lemon juice and lime juice, and 1 tablespoon of honey. Add a few shakes of ground ginger for some heat and garnish with fresh mint.

Grab seasonal salads, such as Kale & Feta Pasta Salad and Summer Citrus & Blueberry from Our Kitchen, and Shell Pasta Salad and Potato Salad from the deli.

Gather a sampling of antipasto, with varieties of marinated olives, sweet-spicy peppers and marinated artichoke hearts. Pair with charcuterie meats and crackers for a full beach spread.

Wrap up your lunch. Combine roasted sweet potatoes with caramelized onions and pesto, and wrap it in a flour tortilla. Or turn the day into a fiesta with acorn tortilla rolled with guacamole, salsa and shredded cheese.

Make it a sand-free lunch on a skewer, with each beach goer’s favorite combination. Grilled chicken pairs well with pineapple chunks and a splash of teriyaki. Or marinate shrimp in lime juice, garlic and spices. Keep it vegetarian with a mix of grilled veggies.

For a treat,select from three flavors of Cookie Buckets from Our Bakery: Chocolate Chip, Candy Chip, Sugar or Oatmeal Raisin.

Containers of pre-cut fruit in all sorts of sizes are great for sharing, especially if you bring forks or toothpicks. Or take a big watermelon half and just dig in!

Wash everything down and quench your thirst with sparkling waters, in flavors from lemon to strawberry kiwi, still water and bottled iced tea/lemonade drinks, such as Arizona Arnold Palmers.

Have fun at the beach!