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Tips for Maintaining Orchids at Home

FEATURED FLORAL: Tips for Maintaining Orchids at Home

Orchids are elegant, majestic and impressive in any corner of your home or as a gift for a housewarming or party.

The varieties and colors are many, all of them beautiful. From Phalaenopsis — with colorful flowers that stay fresh for months and require less light than some varieties — to Dendrobium — with sprays of white, lavender or a combination that stay open about three to four weeks, any orchid is ready to make a statement.

But somehow taking care of orchids ends up challenging for many. Once the plant loses its flowers the first time, people often wonder how to keep them coming back.

Here are some tips on taking care of your orchids:



  • Make sure your orchid gets enough water. But also allow it to dry between waterings. Too much water will kill the roots. A typical rule of thumb is to water an orchid every 5 to 12 days.
  • Check to be sure the soil it’s dry before watering it again by touching it.
  • For Phalaenopsis Orchids, also known as “Ice Orchids,” one recommendation is to water it with three ice cubes per week. The goal is to allow a steady drip of water for the orchid and prevent over-watering.


  • Give your indoor orchid at least 50 percent humidity.
  • Increase humidity by adding a saucer of water and pebbles under your plant, mist the orchids with a spray bottle, or even try using a humidifier.


  • When you see new growth, the orchid should be fertilized weekly or every other week.
  • Mature orchids only need to be fertilized monthly or every other month, and dormant orchids do not need fertilizer. Remember, if well-cared for, orchids will bloom again!

Orchids should be repotted every year or two. Stop by the Roche Bros. floral department for help selecting the orchid variety that’s right for you and any other tips you need for orchid care.