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Tips for Planting Flowers Outside

FEATURED ITEM: Tips for Planting Flowers Outside

Flowers in the garden or around the outside of your home brighten up the landscape.

If you haven’t planted flowers outdoors before, you’ll want to know that there are two types. Some are perennials, which bloom for just a few weeks but live for a number of years, while others, called annuals, bloom for a season but live for just one year.

Before planting, be sure to remove weeds and big rocks from the soil. Add compost to keep plants strong and healthy.

Also, for any flowers you’re planting, determine how much sunlight is needed and think about how the sun tends to shine in that spot. For plants, “full sun” means they need at least six hours per day of sunlight.

The process of planting is actually pretty simple! The whole for a plant should be the same depth as the root bulb and two times as wide. Put the plant in the hole and fill with soil.

Of course, you need to water your plants, making sure to keep the soil moist. Watering slowly is the best way to ensure the water reaches the root of the plant and that you don’t overdo it.

Enjoy the bursts of color in your garden, and stop by Roche Bros. floral department for more tips and to choose your plants!