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Turkey Choices for Your Thanksgiving

FEATURED ITEMS: Turkey Choices for Your Thanksgiving

Your Thanksgiving turkey can be prepared in so many different ways. From roasted to grilled to brined, it’s the turkey that everyone expects to find at the center of your holiday spread.

When you’re planning to roast it in the oven with herbs, brine it, or smoke it, Roche Bros has all turkeys of all types ready for your special touch.

Here is our rundown of the top choices for turkey:


Whole Turkeys

For fresh whole turkeys, we are offering Grade A turkeys that have been inspected for wholesomeness, a Roche Bros. staple for more than 65 years!

From Plainville Farms, we have a variety of natural and organic choices that are all antibiotic-free. Plainville offers natural turkeys that are humanely raised and only fed a vegetarian diet and free-range, certified organic turkeys. You’ll also find all-natural, antibiotic-free, vegetarian- fed turkeys from Bell & Evans in store. Both brands are naturally flavorful, gluten and casein free, and free from MSG, nitrates and other additives.

A staple for many families for years, frozen Butterball Whole Turkeys have plump, meaty breasts and are deep basted to make the meat tender, juicy and delicious. They also feature a cook-proof giblet bag and a leg tuck that means no metal clips to fuss with.

Turkey Breast

If you’re interested in serving turkey breast, we have several options: fresh, frozen, boneless, and hotel style with the wings on. We also have frozen Butterball Turkey Breast, with and without bones.

Best wishes for a Happy Turkey Day from all of your Roche Bros. family.