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Unique Apple Varieties


Apple Varieties

There are some apples in the Roche Bros. produce department that aren’t as common as the ones you’ve always known! Here are a few varieties of apples you should try:

Envy & Jazz
Envy and Jazz are two recent additions to the apple menu, both blends of Braeburn and Royal Gala.

Envy is an apple with outstanding eating quality, delicate sweetness, gorgeous crimson exterior and unusual resistance to browning when cut.

With a tangy-sweet zing and vibrant crunch, Jazz is great for fresh snacking, salads and recipes.

Lady Alice
Sweet with a hint of tartness, Lady Alice apples feature a dense, crunchy texture. Discovered in Washington State as a chance seedling, these heirloom-like apples possess a distinct pinkish-red stripe over a creamy, yellow background.

The Lady Alice is an excellent, all-purpose apple. It’s slow to brown after cutting, which makes it ideal for eating fresh, cut into salads or on fruit trays. Its distinctively sturdy flesh helps this apple retain its texture when heated at high temperatures, making it the right choice for baking, too. Try them cored and baked with butter, cinnamon, brown sugar and ground nuts.

Pacific Rose
Developed in New Zealand, Pacific Rose is named for its distinctive rosy-red blush color and the ocean that surrounds the nation it comes from. It’s a natural cross between a Gala and a Splendour apple, getting its signature pink hue from Splendour (a heritage apple variety from New Zealand).

This apple’s unique taste profile combines both parents’ flavors to yield a refreshing, sweet and crisp fruit. This apple was first imported to North America in 1996, and now it thrives in the rich, fertile soil of the Pacific Northwest in Washington state.

Use them to make apple sauce and you won’t even need to add sugar!