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Uno Pizzeria in the Deli

FEATURED VENDOR: Uno Pizzeria in the Deli

There’s more in the Roche Bros. deli department than meets the eye. As always, you’ll find our own Home Cooked Roast Beef, a wide assortment of homemade deli salads – including Bud Roche’s original recipe potato salad, Thumann’s Deli Meats and more.

It might come as a surprise when you discover that you can also get Chicago-style deep-dish pizza from Uno Pizzeria, right here in our deli department! With its “out-of-this-world” buttery crust and the characteristic tall edge that has been likened to a dessert pie, it’s a pizza you can really sink your teeth into. They take authentic Italian spices, high quality tomatoes and more than the average amount of cheese and bake it in the crust for nearly an hour.

We have their pizza, ready-to-eat and waiting for you whenever you crave it!