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Vermont Smoke & Cure

Featured Meat: VS&C Uncured Bacon

Featured as part of our Welcome to Vermont celebration, Uncured Bacon from Vermont Smoke & Cure brings a quintessential New England flavor to your family breakfast.  Their all-natural bacon is made with real Vermont maple syrup and a moderate amount of salt,  cured (though the USDA requires them to call it “uncured”) with celery juice powder and sea salt, natural sources of nitrates that yields the same flavor as their traditionally cured bacon.  Made from pork raised without any antibiotics, fed a vegetarian diet and Certified Humane by Humane Farm Animal Care.

Looking for an even more uniquely Vermont take on Bacon? Their 5 Knives offering applies the same award-winning recipe above to heritage Berkshire-Chester White cross pigs raised on single Vermont family farm.  These piggies start their lives in a specially designed nursery that allows them to safely roam inside the barn. When old enough, they go out onto pasture in the summer time to graze along with their diet of grain grown from non-GMO seed by a neighboring farmer and freshly ground daily. Their Berkshire genetics give them a pleasing amount of flavorful fat and their Chester White parentage gives them great tasting, meaty cuts.

The bacon from these happy porkers has a different flavor from their barn-raised cousins — their diet of grass, freshly ground grains and foraged goodies from their pastures likely makes the difference. The bacon actually needs to cook at a lower temperature to avoid burning – this bacon is a special treat!



Featured Vendor:

Vermont Smoke and Cure

Vermont Smoke & Cure craft some of the finest smoked meats in the world, using pure ingredients and old fashioned ways in their smokehouse for over 45 years. The flavors grew from the heritage of founders and customers. Roland LeFebvre, a French-Canadian, started the smokehouse as “Roland’s” in 1962 just a mile from the current location. Roland based his now-famous recipes on traditional Vermont methods and ingredients. He brined his bacon and ham with the finest sweetener available, Vermont maple syrup. Then, he smoked them using locally available natural smoke fuels, corn cobs and maple wood.

Only since bringing to market a revitalized Vermont Smoke and Cure label in 2006 did the line venture outside of Vermont. Using Roland’s same recipes and methods, Chris, Larry and the smokehouse crew
bring you a chance to taste a piece of Vermont craftsmanship.  Find their delicious bacon in our Meat Department, and their BBQ and Cracked Pepper Real Pork & Beef sticks in our Cheese department.