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Wide Awake Coffee Co

FEATURED VENDOR: Wide Awake Coffee Co

The animal kingdom comes in many different shapes and sizes … just like Wide Awake Coffee! No matter your point of view or outlook on life, Wide Awake Coffee Co has a flavor to suit your own distinct personality.

When you have the whole herd clamoring for a cup of joe, Wide Awake Coffee Co offers a variety of ground and whole bean bags sure to keep your pack happy.

Flying solo? No problem! Wide Awake Coffee Co’s single serve coffee cups will help you get your morning off to a soaring start. Open your eyes and let these premium blends of coffee awaken your senses.

See for yourself. Find Wide Awake Coffee Co products in the grocery department at your local Roche Bros.


Update: October 3rd, 2014

We’re excited to announce that we’re now carrying non-dairy Wide Awake Flavored Coffee Creamers!

Inspired by the vibrance and variety of the animal kingdom, Wide Awake Coffee Co offers something for every member of the coffee drinker species.

Whether it’s a jump start to your morning, an afternoon sun bath, or anytime you please, Wide Awake Coffee Co is man’s best friend. Perk up that cup of joe with Wide Awake Coffee Co.’s untamed rich and smooth non-dairy coffee creamers.

Open your eyes and let this rare breed of creamers allow your taste buds to roam free. Get a jump on life and SEE yourself!