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Wine Pairings for the Grill

FEATURED WINE: Wine Pairings

for the Grill

It’s grilling time at Roche Bros! That means pairing your delicious, fresh grilled meats with the right wines to go with them.

We are featuring the following wines to match with your grilled and BBQ favorites and make them taste even better:

Smith & Hook Cabernet – This Cabernet is perfect with steaks that have a higher fat content

Inspiration Valdemar Rioja – With its silky texture, this wine is great with seasoned meats and the natural smokiness of BBQ. Inspiration Valdemar was ranked #34 in Wines Spectators to 100 wines of 2013.

Primarius Pinot Noir – This versatile wine is easy to match with all sorts of meals, including grilled salmon, burgers or chicken.

Carnivor Cabernet – The name of this wine speaks for itself. Enjoy it with a juicy burger or steak.

Rib Shack Red Blend – This blend pairs nicely with a BBQ rack of ribs, grilled skirt steak or really any red meat.

Barton & Guestier Chops and Burger Bordeaux – This fruity Bordeaux blend was created expressly to pair well with your pork chop or burger.


Also check out these other pairing suggestions!

Zinfandel – This bold wine matches well with a wide variety of red meats. It bellies up to meaty, smoky flavors, allowing the spice of the wine along with the acidity and tannins to carry the meat’s tastes and textures to a new dimension.

Merlot – This fruit-forward wine matches well with pork chops, chicken and summer salads with lighter dressings.

Shiraz/Syrah – This food-friendly red, with its aggressive fruit flavors, mild tannins, and a softer, fuller body works especially well with smoked brisket.

Cabernet – Burgers with bold cheeses as well as steaks of all kinds work well with Cabernet.

Pinot Noir This varietal is perfect with all sorts of grilled meats.

Riesling – The sweetness of this wine complements grilled sausage, grilled shrimp, BBQ chicken, grilled vegetables and pineapple.

Chardonnay – Sip this wine alongside grilled white fish, shellfish and grilled corn.

Sauvignon Blanc An herbaceous, crisp wine, Sauvignon Blanc matches well with grilled foods that have been marinated.

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