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White Chocolate Desserts for Christmas

FEATURED BAKERY: White Chocolate Desserts for Christmas

Join Roche Bros. in dreaming of a White Christmas with our bakery’s special menu of white chocolate desserts!

With its sweet, subtle flavor and creamy texture, white chocolate is made from cocoa butter, sugar and milk. While a key ingredient in dark chocolate is cacao mass, giving it that dark color and characteristic “chocolaty” flavor, ivory-colored white chocolate has none.

Our White Chocolate Rolls, with a pinwheel of white cake and creamy frosting, will soon become an old family favorite. Choose from White Chocolate Peppermint or White Chocolate Coconut.

Ready for the holiday with its red-purple filling between white layers, our White Chocolate Raspberry Bar Cake is waiting to make a statement as your Christmas dessert centerpiece. Surround it with smaller treats, such as our White Chocolate Raspberry or Macadamia Cookies.

You don’t have to wait for Christmas to enjoy a white chocolate fix. As white as snow, our White Vanilla Bean Layer Cake is available in slices, so you can have a treat for yourself one afternoon while shopping, or buy enough for the whole family.

Find all of these desserts and more in the bakery at Roche Bros.!



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