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The Calling Wines

FEATURED ITEM: The Calling Wines

When Emmy Award winning sports commentator Jim Nantz and wine industry entrepreneur Peter Deutsch met, they discovered they had both found success by pursuing a calling in life. Together, the two found a new calling: a partnership to produce hand-crafted wines that bear the standard of excellence and style that are the hallmarks of these two men.

It was serendipity that brought them together at a restaurant in Greenwich, Connecticut, where they were each having dinner with friends. Peter had recently read Jim’s book about his father, Always By My Side, and it resonated with him, reminding him of his own relationship with his father. Peter introduced himself that evening.

Jim was at the restaurant having dinner with a friend who had contacts in the wine industry and was working on an idea that had been in development for years. Jim had long held a passion for wine and was exploring how to take the next step in becoming involved in the wine business when Peter stopped by the table. As fate would have it, that chance meeting would spawn a friendship and partnership, the Deutsch Nantz Alliance (DNA).

Since then, they have had a hands-on collaboration. Jim and Peter traveled together to California and worked closely with renowned winemaker Marco DiGiulio on every step of the winemaking process, from vineyard to bottle. They also poured themselves into the packaging process, working to capture the essence of the brand in the label design. For Jim and Peter, The Calling is about pursuing a passion, inspiring others, and making a great wine.

The Calling’s six wines include two Russian River Valley Chardonnays, two Alexander Valley reds and two Russian River Valley Pinot Noirs – one from Dutton Ranch and one from Fox Den Vineyards. They come from some of the most prestigious vineyards in Sonoma. The wines reflect the quality and character of these vineyards, exhibiting elegance and complexity from the first aroma to the lingering finish.

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