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Pairing Cheese with Honey


with Honey

Make your cheese boards a little sweeter this fall by adding a spoonful of honey. Cheese and honey go beautifully together but, of course, some matches are better than others.

Here are a few of our favorite cheese-and-honey pairings:


Aged Cheeses with Golden Blossom Honey

Unlike most brands, Golden Blossom is a blend of pure honeys, with an exclusive, secret recipe combination of orange, sage buckwheat and extra white clover honeys. We recommend pairing this blend with nutty, aged cheeses, such as Parmigiano-Reggiano.


Blue Cheese with Billy Bee Pure Canadian Clover Honey

Subtle and delicately flavored, Billy Bee Pure Canadian Clover Honey is ideal alongside spicy-salty blue cheese.


Creamy Cheese with Crystal’s Maine Wild Blueberry Honey

Bring the sweet and creamy partnership of berries and cream to your cheese platter by drizzling this raw, wild blueberry honey on ricotta or Brie. Spread this winning combination or toast or just eat it with a spoon!


Goat Cheese with Aunt Sue’s Raw Honey

Goat cheese and honey go easily together, and you’ll find the two featured together in many recipes. Try a rich, creamy goat cheese with Aunt Sue’s Raw Honey. This pure, unfiltered, all-natural wildflower honey has a distinctive taste. Drizzle it on goat cheese on top of crostini and add some fresh thyme or rosemary for an unforgettable hors d’oeuvre.



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