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seal cove farm cheese

Artisan Maine Cheeses

FEATURED ITEM: Artisan Maine Cheeses

In Roche Bros. cheese department, we are featuring a wide selection of artisan cheeses made in the great state of Maine. From rich, smoky cheddar to creamy, spicy pepper jack, we have Maine cheeses for spreading on crackers, adding to recipes and enjoying on their own.

Here’s a look at some of the best quality cheeses Maine has to offer. Stop by the Roche Bros. cheese department to check out these options and many more!


Seal Cove Farm

Seal Cove Farm’s Aged Chevre, known as Chevrotin, is a lightly pressed cheese made from pasteurized goat milk. It has a mellow, fine texture and a washed rind. It is aged three weeks to several months.

The farm’s Olga Mixed-Milk Cheese is a blend of raw cow milk and the farm’s own goat milk. This washed-rind cheese, aged over 60 days, is created in the tradition of cheesemakers in the mountains of France.

And it’s a cheese with a story. Olga was a student from the Ukraine training at Seal Cove Farm from 2006-2007. With Olga’s inspiration, Seal Cove began by experimenting with organic cow’s milk and made a soft, fresh, lactic cheese similar to their chevre. Olga was particularly interested in working with cow’s milk, because her grandmother had been a principal milker on a Russian dairy farm for more than 40 years. This mixed-milk cheese was born when they decided to combine their sweet goat’s milk with cow’s milk to make a semi-hard, washed rind cheese in the tradition of cheesemakers in the mountains of France. It was Olga’s attention to detail that led to the right balance to develop a unique blend of flavors, and that’s why this cheese bears her name.

Pineland Farms Cheeses

Pineland Farms cheese, handcrafted in New Gloucester, Maine, starts with the freshest milk possible. Their Smoked Cheddar is natural hardwood smoked to add old-world character and depth of flavor. It’s ideal for enjoying on crackers, adding to a cheddar muffin recipe or melting on a burger.

In Pineland Farms Three Pepper Jack, a trio of hot peppers –Jalapeno, Guajillo and Habanero — kicks up the heat. Use it to make a spicy grilled cheese with tomatoes or on your next cheese tray.

Lakin’s Gorges Farm Cheeses

Opus 42 from Lakin’s Gorges in Rockport, Maine is a semi-firm cheese that is aged 3 to 6 months. The natural rind is a mottled white and tan with earthy notes.  The interior is a pale yellow with a taste that is slightly sharp and nutty.

Serve it on grilled cheese with crusty bread, grate it into your apple pie before baking and pair it with cider, brown ale or a Malbec.



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