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sriracha chicken sandwich

Sriracha Chicken in the Deli

FEATURED ITEM: Sriracha Chicken in the Deli

Spice up your sandwich with Dietz & Watson’s New Sriracha Chicken, now available in Roche Bros. deli department!

This hand-trimmed fresh chicken breast is prepared with all-natural seasonings and authentic sriracha seasoning. Then, it is browned in canola oil and oven roasted. Dietz & Watson uses only the highest quality hand-trimmed, lean beef, ham, turkey and chicken breasts. They never use artificial colors, flavors, fillers, extenders or MSG.

The new Sriracha Chicken is a Dietz & Watson “Healthier Lifestyle” deli meat, one of more than 60 of their products that exceeds USDA, FDA and health organization standards for healthy eating.

Serve Sriracha Chicken in a wrap with slides of avocado, shredded cheese and a dollop of sour cream. Or use it as a salad topper with romaine, fresh corn, red onions and cheddar.



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