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Our Own Charcuterie

FEATURED DELI: Our Own Charcuterie

Visit the deli department and find our new line of charcuterie for your next antipasto platter.

Our seven meats are all imported from Italy, and available in 4 ounce packages. All of these fine meats are gluten free, lactose free, free of MSG and made without added hormones.

Complete your antipasto spread with cheeses, marinated or stuffed vegetables, crackers, breads nuts and fruit!

Salame Di Parma, Salame Milano, Salame Toscano, Salame Calabrese

Produced near the green hills of Parma, our four types of salami are prepared using a recipe that was handed down through generations. They are slowly cured in the air of the Apennine mountains, which creates the ideal climate for drying and curing these fine meats and creating their distinct aroma and flavor. Some of our salamis are spicier than others. Heat up your platter with the Milano, spiced with peppers, and the Calabrese, with red pepper flakes.

Mortadella with Pistachios

A large Italian sausage made of heat-cured pork, our mortadella is stuffed with pistachios and then cooked in a special “dry air brick oven” for up to 20 hours. That’s what gives the mortadella, which originates in Bologna, Italy, its characteristic aroma and buttery mouth feel.

Prosciutto Italiano

Our prosciutto – Italian dry cured ham – is aged for 14 months in the hills of Parma, Italy. The preparation process is simple and traditional. Salt is rubbed into a leg of pork, which is then set aside for some length of time before being washed in lukewarm water and left to mature naturally for 2 years.

Roasted Ham with Herbs

Herbs and spices, including bay leaves, rosemary and fresh garlic, are injected into our ham’s natural juices. These medium-sized pork legs are then hand-tied and roasted for at least 15 hours in a special ventilated oven to give them a distinctively browned surface.



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