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image Rainbow_Chard

Rainbow Chard in Pots

FEATURED FLORAL: Rainbow Chard in Pots

A leafy green that doubles as beautiful décor for your kitchen window, check out Rainbow Chard, sold in pots in the Roche Bros. floral department.

The blade of the leaf is green or reddish in color, while the stalks vary from yellow to white to red. It’s a beautiful look as a plant. Group a few small Rainbow Chard plants on a window sill, or include it among some small pots of fresh herbs, such as basil or sage.

And of course, you can cut the chard and make it part of dinner! It makes a colorful side dish, sautéed with garlic and olive oil, paired with roasted chicken or fish. Or add it to salads with other fresh herbs and greens for an easy and healthful lunch.



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