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It seems like a grain and we eat and cook it like a grain, but in reality, gluten-free quinoa is a seed.
What’s more is it’s a complete protein, providing all nine essential amino acids for health! And that means it’s a great addition to a vegan or vegetarian diet, or really the diet of anyone looking to eat more protein.
It takes less time to cook than other grains, just 10 to 15 minutes. It’s best to give it a thorough rinse before cooking to stop it from being bitter.
Serve it simply with olive oil, lemon and salt. Mix it into chili, serve it with your eggs at breakfast or use it to stuff peppers or squash
Use it like you would in a rice dish. Add black beans, onions, peppers, salt, pepper and crushed red pepper for a Mexican feel.
At a party, serve it like you would pasta salad, with oil and vinegar, chopped veggies and feta.
Whatever way you make it, enjoy!



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