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Marinate That: Fresh Marinade Options for Your Kitchen

FEATURED ITEM: Marinate That: Fresh Marinade Options for Your Kitchen

Marinades add tons of flavor to meats, poultry and veggies. You can pick up one of our many varieties in our condiments aisle, or you can impress your guests and make your own marinade! The key to any great marinade is to balance flavors with an acid and a base. Add your choice of herbs and spices for color and variety.

Here are a few to try in your own kitchen:



With sesame and ginger, recreate your favorite chicken dish from the local Chinese restaurant. Combine ¼ cup of orange juice with ½ cup of sesame oil, and a couple of splashes of soy sauce (or tamari, if you’re gluten-free) in a large re-sealable plastic bag. Grate 1 garlic clove and a little bit of fresh ginger. Add chicken tenders or thinly sliced chicken breasts or even a flank steak. Seal the bag and massage all of the ingredients together and refrigerate for an hour. Add your marinated meat to a hot sauté pan or grill. Serve with rice. Enjoy!

Lemon and garlic make a great pair! This marinade can be used for kabobs, fish, or shrimp, and it pairs nicely with any vegetable or starch. In a large re-sealable bag, add 2 tablespoons of olive oil and the zest and juice of a lemon. Then, use the back of your knife to smash and roughly chop 2 cloves of garlic. Add a teaspoon of salt and a couple of grinds of fresh pepper. Coat your chicken or fish or shrimp in the marinade for an hour in the refrigerator. You can also freeze your shrimp or chicken in the marinade. Then grill, roast or make kabobs!

Lamb chops or lamb stew meat take on the flavor of yogurt and herbs beautifully in this simple marinade. In a large re-sealable bag add 2 heaping spoonfuls of plain Greek yogurt, a tablespoon of olive oil and a few sprigs of rosemary, and then season with salt and pepper. Hold some marinade aside to use later as a sauce. Add lamb chops or lamb stew meat to the marinade. Let it chill in the fridge for an hour. Drizzle olive oil in a heated pan and place your chops or meat in the pan. Take care not to crowd the meat. Cook until the yogurt has disappeared and until they reach your preferred temperature. Serve with salad, pita and the remaining yogurt sauce.



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