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5 for $25 Meat and Seafood Sale

FEATURED ITEM: 5 for $25 Meat and Seafood Sale

This week, we’ve added some great new selections to our customer favorite 5 for $25 meat sale … including seafood!

Here are our top ideas for making flavorful meals using the latest additions to the sale:

  • Our salmon portions straight from our fresh fish partner Foley Fish – and available both plain and marinated – make it easy to boost the heart-healthy omega-3s in your weeknight dinner. The marinated choices are ready to bake or pan sear. Start plain and broil your own recipe with a blend of mustard, maple syrup and balsamic vinegar, or roast it with a horseradish-bread crumb crust.
  • The shaved steak in our meat department is made from Certified Angus Beef. This beef, known for its juiciness, tenderness and marbling, makes for a truly tempting sandwich, stir fry or calzone. Stir fry it with spices and make it the center of a make-your-own fajitas dinner, or turn it into a traditional cheesesteak.
  • With lobster tails that are already cooked, you can even enjoy them on a busy weeknight! Serve lobster with a squeeze of lemon and drawn butter, and bring some elegance to your week.
  • Roche Bros. premium shrimp cocktail is ready to serve! Offer it at your next tailgating party, with cocktail sauce for dipping or use it as the base for shrimp salad. Chop it up and stir it together with avocado for a simple pairing.
  • Pick up some Blue Star Crab Claw Meat, and make a crab salad in a matter of minutes, with orzo and corn or peas and potatoes. Or try it in a crab quesadilla, with creamy goat cheese, Monterey Jack and mild green chiles.

*Mix or match your choices from the featured selections in our weekly ad. Must buy 5.



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