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Fresh Ideas for Holiday Vegetables

FEATURED PRODUCE: Fresh Ideas for Holiday Vegetables

Enhance your spring holiday with vibrant colors and flavors by cooking up something fresh with these seasonal vegetables:

White and Purple Asparagus
The secret to growing white asparagus is growing it in the dark. It’s exposure to sunlight that gives typical asparagus its familiar green hue. More tender and sweeter, than green and white, and full of healthful anti-oxidants, purple asparagus.
Roast the two varieties together with salt, olive oil and a dash of pepper, and serve them striped on the plate for a spectacular presentation.

Purple Potatoes
Royal in color and high in anti-oxidants, purple potatoes are purple inside and out. The anthocyanin in the potatoes is a pigment that serves as an anti-oxidant and turns the potato its violet color. With a medium starch content, this type of potato is good for mashing with fresh butter and rich cream or roasting with oil and salt (mixed with white or yellow potatoes, or on their own). Add garlic or fresh rosemary to either preparation for a stronger flavor.

Rainbow Carrots
With yellow, purple and white – in addition to the expected orange – rainbow carrots are a sight to behold on your holiday plate. It’s the delight of the unexpected. Plus, more colors means a wider range of healthy components.
Shred or julienne rainbow carrots for a brunch salad, or chop and roast with onions, garlic and fresh thyme for something warm.

Peeled Cipollini Onions
A sweet variety of small, flat onions, cipollini onions are wonderful to roast in the oven or caramelize in a pan.
Mix them with wild mushrooms or Brussels sprouts with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Season to taste.

Golden Beets
Firm, earthy, bright and sweet, golden beets are a sunny addition to your dinner or brunch plate. Roast them with oil and salt. Peel and slice the beets, and then use them in a salad for Easter brunch, with arugula, goat cheese and walnuts. Or serve them warm, tossed with olive oil, lemon, white wine vinegar, red onions and fresh herbs.

Fennel (Anise)
Crunchy and sweet with a hint of traditional licorice flavor, fennel sliced into wedges is a wonderful appetizer as part of antipasto or a crudite platter. Slice it thin as part of a brunch salad with celery and radishes or onions and golden beets. For a side dish, roast it with cauliflower for a side dish. For a main course, top white fish with sliced fennel and bake.



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