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Dapple Pluots


Aptly called a “dinosaur egg” due in no small part to how it looks, the Dapple Pluot is a cross between a plum and an apricot. That, of course, explains the origin of the name, Pluot.

A large freestone fruit, the Dapple Pluot is 75% plum and 25% apricot. That’s why it has more plum characteristics. Its smooth, shiny skin is quite similar a plum. The skin is greenish-yellow with red spots, and becomes more of a yellow and maroon dapple as the fruit ripens.

The juicy, firm flesh of the Dapple Pluot is an intense red-pink hue close to the skin, which fades to a pale pink closer to the pit.

This fruit is incredibly sweet with a slightly tart finish that brings balance. It’s ripe and ready for grilling, using in a tart, crumble or trifle and making into jam. Add sliced pluots to salads with toasted almonds, goat cheese and arugula, or mince up a pluot as a base for a fruit salsa or compote.

Find Dapple Pluots in Roche Bros. produce department.



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