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Pero Family Farms Organic Vegetables

FEATURED VENDOR: Pero Family Farms Organic Vegetables

Pero Family Farms is committed to sustainability and organic farming to preserve the lands they harvest and the environment overall.

For over 100 years, this family-owned company has a long history of innovation in farming methods with the goal of growing high-quality, healthy and nutritious produce.

This produce uses the barrier properties of its FreshWrap to keep your produce fresher for longer and free from unwanted contaminants.

Find Pero Family Farms organic peppers and squash in the produce department at Roche Bros, each wrapped individually.

Use these peppers in salads or stuff them with quinoa and herbs or ground beef and shredded cheese. Slice up zucchini and summer squash and sauté with onions and fresh basil as a side dish. Or batter them in a light coating of flour and fry them in a pan.



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