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Our Kitchen’s Homemade Pot Pie Demos

By Dena Zigun February 11, 2014

Date of Event: Sun, Feb. 23; Mon, Feb. 24; Weds, Feb. 26
Time of Event: 11am - 5pm (Sun); 3pm to 6 pm (Mon, Weds)

Our Chefs have been cooking up something good over in our Kitchen! We’ve recently improved a few of our Pot Pie recipes and added some new ones, including our Rotisserie Chicken Pot Pie, Turkey Pot Pie, and Vegetable Pot Pie. We will be serving up samples in the coming weeks!

Made with a delicious flaky crust, a rich and flavorful gravy, and loaded with either white meat turkey, or out own Rotisserie chicken meat, these pies provide an unmistakable homemade taste, without all the hassle of making the pie yourself! We even have an all vegetable pot pie that’s a great dinner option during Lent!

Beginning on Sunday, February 23rd, we will be demoing these delicious new pies out of our Prepared Foods department, so don’t miss out on your chance to come try a free sample, and potentially discover a new dinner that your family will love!




4 Responses to Our Kitchen’s Homemade Pot Pie Demos

  1. catherine flaherty says:

    did you stop listing the online coupone?

    • Cameron Madge says:

      Catherine, online coupons are available through Coupons.com. you can find their website by following the “coupons” link at the bottom of the page under the Weekly Specials section. Coupons are updated monthly.

  2. Andie Leary says:

    Will you be listing the dates each store will be hsving their food demonstrations and what the foods will be?