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Job Openings by Store

By Karlene Pfeil July 10, 2014

At Roche Bros., we are always interested in connecting with people interested in a position in our stores. Our online application allows you to apply for any position in any store.  Below, you can browse an up-to-date list of all of our current openings by store, and then apply online for positions we are looking to fill today.  Thank you for your interest in joining the Roche Bros. family!

Help Needs by Store: 


Part-Time Cashiers-morning and evening shifts
Part-Time Grocery Clerks-morning and evening clerks

Part-Time Cashiers
Part-Time Service Clerks
Part-Time Prep Foods Clerks
Part-Time Cooks

*New* Full and Part-Time Grocery clerks
*New* Full-Time night crew/dawn grocery clerks
*New* Full and Part-Time home delivery drivers
*New* Full-Time meat cutters
*New* Part-Time meat clerks
*New* Part-Time deli clerks
*New* Part-Time prepared foods clerks
*New* Part-Time maintenance clerks

        *New* Temporary Night Crew Chief

*New* Part-time Deli Clerks
*New* Part-time Produce Clerks
*New* Part-time Prepared Foods Clerks


Part-Time Kitchen Utility Clerk/Dishwasher

*New* Part-Time Deli Clerks (18+)
*New* Part-Time Kitchen Cooks (18+)
*New* Part-Time Produce Clerks (18+)
*New* Part-Time Bakery Clerks – Days & Afternoons(18+)
*New* Part-Time Maintenance Clerks – Mornings, Days, & Nights (18+)

*New* Part-time Maintenance (Am & Pm)
*New* Part-time Prepared Foods Clerk
*New* Part-time Prepared Foods Cooks
*New* Part-time Prepared Foods Dishwasher

Medfield – Brothers Marketplace
Meat/Seafood Lead
Maintenance Team Member
Meat/Seafood Team Member
Prepared Foods/Deli Team Member

Part-time Home Delivery Driver
Part-time Maintenance Clerk-day and evening shifts
Part-time Bakery Clerk/Cake Decorator

Part-Time Deli Clerk
Full-Time Meat Cutter
Part-Time Grocery Clerk
Part-Time Bakery Clerk (PM Shifts)
Part-Time and Full Time Cooks

Needham Roche Bros.
Part-Time Grocery Clerk
Part-Time Deli Clerk
Part-Time Produce Clerk
Part-Time Meat Clerk
Pert-Time Maintenance Clerk
Part-Time Cashier (available aft and/or evenings)
Part-Time Service Clerks (available aft and/or evenings)

Needham Sudbury Farms

Part-Time Cashier

Part-Time Kitchen Clerk

Part-Time Deli Clerk
*New* Full Time Cashier (Supervisor Experience Preferred)
*New* Full Time Prepared Foods Cook

*New* Part-Time Deli Clerk (Afternoons & Evenings)
*New* Part-Time Produce Clerk (Mornings)

*New* Part Time Night Crew
Part-time Grocery Clerk
Part-time Meat Clerk
Part-time Produce Clerk
Part-time Cashiers (morning  shifts)
Part-time Service Clerks (morning shifts)

Part-time Cashiers- all shifts available
Part-time Service Clerks-all shifts available
Full-time Bakery Clerk
Full-time Cashier (bookkeeping experience preferred)

*New* Full-Time Meat Clerk
*New* Full or Part-time Catering Delivery Driver
Part-Time Produce Clerk-Day shifts (early am)
Part-Time Deli Clerk-Day shifts (early am)
Part-Time Prepared Foods (Kitchen) Clerk -Day shifts (early am)
Full-Time or Part Time Home Delivery Driver
Part-Time Grocery Clerk-Day shifts (early am)
Part-Time Personal Shopper-Day shifts
Part-Time Cashiers-Day shifts

Weston- Brothers Marketplace
*New* Full and Part-Time Grocery Team Members
*New* Full and Part-Time Meat & Seafood Team Members
*New* Part-Time Bakery & Cheese Team Members
*New* Part-Time Produce & Floral Team Members
*New* Part-Time Prepared Foods Team Members
*New* Part-Time Customer Service Team Members

West Roxbury
*New* Part-time Produce Clerk
Part-time Deli Clerk

Part-time Maintenance Clerk (18+)
Full-time and Part Time Cooks





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19 Responses to Job Openings by Store

  1. Deborah Howard says:

    I am currently looking to apply for a job at Roche Bros. Either in the Medfield or Millis locations. I have extensive customer service experience, management experience. I would be interested in a full time position possibly starting about the first of July or possibly sooner. Is there any opportunity for me at either of these locations

  2. Dylan Strehlke says:

    Hi Mrs. Zigun,

    I am a Medfield high schooler that lives close to the incoming store, I just submitted my application, but I saw on this website that there was a job fair last week that I was unaware of , Is there someone that I should contact or meet with for an interview because I felt I couldn’t fully express my self in the application, I applied for a grocery team member, but I am willing to work in any position that is available.

    Thanks so much



    • Cameron Madge says:

      Hi Dylan,

      Good News! We’re still conducting interviews at the same location as the job fair (14c North Meadows Rd) for the Medfield Store every Wednesday from 9am to 6pm.

      Best of luck!

  3. Kimj says:

    I heard though an associate you guys were hiring for customer service in west Roxbury but it’s not a available online is there a way if can still apply

    • Cameron Madge says:

      Typically all open positions are posted online, however if what you’re looking for isn’t there you can always try talking to the Store Manager or Assistant Store manager for your location. They might have something available that has not been posted online yet.

  4. CHRIS DEANE says:

    Good morning,

    I live in Dorchester, MA 02125
    I believe I qualify for most Positions.
    I just wanted to know ,Living in Dor.
    are any of your Stores accessible by MBTA?



    • Cameron Madge says:

      Hi Chris,

      Our Wellesley and West Roxbury stores are easily accessable by the Commuter Rail. The Wellesley store is located near the Wellesley Square stop on the Framingham line, and the West Roxbury Store is located right next to the Highland stop on the Needham Line.

      On the other hand, the Quincy store is close to the Red line, but not within reasonable walking distance.

      Hope this helps,

  5. Michael Mcmillan says:

    My name is Michael Mcmillan and I am currently looking for work in the west Roxbury area.8 do believe I am qualified for a position as a deli clerk due to prior experience . Please contact me at anytime


  6. Erika says:

    Hello, Ms. Zigun,

    What is the best way to submit a resume for any andministrative/ corporate positions?

    Thank you.

  7. Annie says:

    I am 14 and I was wondering if I can still apply here and if not is there any other stores that I can find a job at?

    • Cameron Madge says:

      Hi Annie,

      You are certainly welcome to apply! If you interested, you can fill out an application, and then speak to the store manager of the store you’d like to work in. They can help explain what positions would be available to you, and the process for getting your working permit.

      Thanks! Let us know if you need anything else.

  8. Rob says:


    When is the Downtown Crossing location opening and when will you start hiring?



    • Dena Zigun says:

      Rob, we will begin hiring for selected positions in Downtown Crossing late this fall, for an anticipated opening in early spring 2015. You’re welcome to visit this page any time for the latest in job availability.

  9. Chunhak says:

    May I ask what the average pay is for a Grocery Clerk? I might be looking for a position in Burlington.

    Thank you.

    • Dena Zigun says:

      Chunhak, thank you for your interest! Burlington is hiring, and pay rates are based on experience and would be discussed during an interview. You can start the process by applying online or visiting the store.