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Appetizers During Lent

FEATURED ITEMS: Appetizers During Lent

Looking for some creative crowd pleasers for entertaining during Lent?

Roche Bros. offers a wide variety of tasty options that fit the bill. If you are going for an Italian theme, pick up a fried mozzarella & ravioli from our Kitchen or get a tray from Catering! You can even make your own fried ravioli, with a little crunch on the outside and warm cheese on the inside. Top warm, fresh toasted bread from our Bakery with our Fresh Tomato Bruschetta for an easy yet delicious appetizer.

For a lunch or brunch gathering, check out our 6 or 10 inch quiches, with flavor profiles like ham and cheese, spinach, broccoli, quiche lorraine, and spinach, feta, and tomato. Available through Catering or in our Kitchen seasonally, sink your teeth into our deviled eggs, filled with a traditional blend of egg yolk, mayonnaise, Dijon mustard, onion powder, salt and pepper, and sprinkled with paprika. Or make your own!

For a dinner or later afternoon gathering, pick up a shrimp platter from Catering. For something warm, grab a soup of your choice and fill small glasses for soup shooters!

Our Kitchen also has dozens of side dishes to choose from! With options like lemon orzo verde, scalloped potatoes, roasted brussels sprouts, seasoned pesto vegetables, and more you are sure to please every palate at your gathering.