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Our Kitchen’s Brisket


FEATURED ITEM: Our Kitchen’s Brisket

If you don’t have the time to make your own brisket this Passover, look no further than Roche Bros. kitchen. While you’re getting ready for your family and friends to surround your table, we’ll be making brisket just the way you would if you had the time to spare.

We roast our beef brisket slowly, ensuring optimal tenderness and peak flavor, enhanced by seasonings and beautiful, bright orange carrots. Served in its own juices, our brisket is an ideal centerpiece of your Passover dinner plate. Complement it with a wide array of choices of Our Kitchen’s side dishes, from Garlic Mashed Potatoes and Asparagus Medley to traditional Homemade Potato Kugel and Matzo Stuffing.

Our Roast Brisket and other Passover options will be available in store beginning Friday, April 11th. Be sure to order by then from our Creative Catering service if you’re serving a crowd!

Roche Bros. and Sudbury Farms are not kosher establishments.