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Our Kitchen’s Skewers

FEATURED ITEM: Our Kitchen’s Skewers

Sometimes, on the hottest of summer days, it feels like time for a barbecue, and yet it’s so humid, you can’t even imagining firing up the grill. Even if you love the idea of chopping up meat and vegetables and grilling them on a skewer, the thought of picking up a knife is the last thing on your mind.

Don’t worry … we’ve been working in Our Kitchen to bring you our new skewers in three flavors. And all you have to do is heat and serve!

From savory Teriyaki Beef to spicy Korean BBQ to fresh Parmesan and Herb, we have options for your most gourmet guests with every possible preference. Serve them with our Summer Vegetable Couscous and Three Bean & Kale Salad. With one stop at Roche Bros., your BBQ is ready in a flash.