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Featured Vendor: Foley Fish


Foley Fish, Roche Bros. exclusive seafood supplier and a 4th generation Massachusetts family business, delivers top-of-catch selections from New England docks to our stores everyday.

In 1906, Michael Frances Foley, a recent immigrant from County Tipperary, Ireland, founded the company, which still bears his name today.

In Faneuil Hall at Dock Square, “M.F.” leased a first floor space in a six-story flat-iron building from a trucking firm and the M.F. Foley Company was born. In this small area he opened a retail business and sold his fish fresh off the boats outside the front door.

The business grew steadily, and M.F. soon took over the entire first floor, and eventually the entire building. By 1910, Foley had become the leading fish retailer in Boston.

Roche Bros. partners with Foley Fish because the company searches high and low for the very best source for each seafood item. Foley Fish focuses on top-notch, fresh-off-the-boat, local quality.

That means finding the oyster harvester who leaves his oysters in the bed for an extra year — moving them twice, so the meat gets plumper. It means trips to salmon farms across the Northeast to find the one farm with exacting husbandry and special, all natural feeds that produce a firmer, better tasting salmon.  It also means Foley scallops are never soaked in sodium trypolyphosphate because this standard industry practice destroys the natural flavor and texture of the scallop.

And all of that means fresh fish and seafood that tastes better and is better for you.

Stop by Roche Bros. seafood department and our associates will help you select the fresh catch that’s right for you!