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Gingerbread Offerings Throughout Our Stores

Gingerbread Offerings Throughout Our Stores

Enjoy holiday nostalgia and create new memories with an assortment of warm, sweet gingerbread desserts from our bakery and throughout the store.

The baking of gingerbread goes way back to the year 992, when Armenian Monk Gregory of Nicopolis began showing French priests how to make this confection during his seven-year stay in Bandaroy. The simple recipe consisted mainly of ginger root, honey and spices, and spread across Europe in several variations over the next few centuries.

The gingerbread we make in our bakery today hasn’t veered too far from the original recipe. Flavored with ginger root and sweetened with honey or molasses, it’s an iconic symbol of winter and the holidays.

In our bakery, find gingerbread in many forms set for your celebration, to enjoy as is or to decorate. Serve your gingerbread layered with fresh whipped cream in a trifle.  For decorating, select from gingerbread cookies, make-your-own gingerbread houses and our gingerbread cake shaped like a Christmas tree. And find gingerbread man kits in the grocery aisle, as well as Anna’s Ginger Thins, a traditional Swedish holiday cookie that’s been around since 1929.

On Christmas morning, slice up our gingerbread loaf for breakfast. Toast it and cover with mascarpone cheese and a drizzle of honey!