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Panettone Varieties For The Holidays

Panettone Varieties For The Holidays

Panettone is a moist & fresh traditional Italian holiday cake. A delicious gift to bring to your next holiday gathering. Large or mini, traditional or creme-filled, find just the right Italian holiday classic for your Christmas celebration!

The word “panettone” is derived from the Italian word “panetto,” meaning small loaf cake. However, the Italian suffix “-one” changes the meaning to “large cake”. This Italian Christmas bread, made using dried or candied fruit and raisins, was created in Milan, Italy during the 20th Century and quickly spread through all of Italy. Today, Panettone is an internationally recognized Christmas dessert that is traditionally enjoyed with hot chocolate or a glass of champagne.

Find a variety of panettone for every palate when you visit Our Bakery. Discover a Classic or Mini Bauducco Panettone, or try something different with Pasticceria Fraccaro’s Pistacchio Creme Filled Panettone or try the Antico, their “Best Recipe,” featuring Italian honey, sweet Australian raisins and candied citrus peels.

Happy Holidays!



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